In specific industrial sectors turboexpanders or expansion turbines are decisive for the economic efficiency and profitability of industrial processes. This is exactly the point where we start our support to optimise the use of energies and design application processes more efficiently. For companies from the oil and gas industry, air separation industry, metal processing and others we design and produce top-quality turboexpanders and other turbomachine core units.

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Most reliable turbo machines

Our experienced team of specialists and experts deals with the planning, production and maintenance of high-quality turbo machines, turboexpanders, NCG expanders, turbocompressors, screw and piston compressors. In all this, one thing is always paramount: the turbo machines produced by us are designed to work for you and your company in the most optimal and reliable way. Our aim is to deliver the highest quality standard. This is guaranteed.


Turboexpanders are our passion

Each company is proud of something. For some companies these are innovative products, for others media presence is enormously important. We focus mainly on the quality of our turbomachines. For long-term reliability. With great passion we design expansion turbines and produce innovative core units at the top level that are precisely tailor-made to your process requirements. Only in exceptional cases we work with core units of other manufacturers.



For companies with high demand of compression we develop turbocompressor solutions for highest standards.

Screw compressor packages

We develop unique screw compressor solutions to achieve a constant air compression of your air systems.

Piston compressor packages

With our robust piston compressor packages we guarantee an optimal compressed air supply at fluctuating operation conditions.


Your benefits

Comprehensive project support

We support you professionally right from the beginning of the project and introduce you to our working method in a transparent way. This way you are always up to date and in good hands at all times.

Reliable turbo machines

Quality is our highest objective. In this we work according to international standards like ISO, DIN EN, ASME and API, so that we can fulfil any requirement.

Excellent spare part service

We closely and trustfully cooperate with the original equipment manufacturers and their sub-suppliers. Thus you profit from first-class quality of spare parts and attractive prices due to partner discounts.

Spare parts

Spare parts for turbo machines

For spare parts we do not take risks and exclusively work with spare parts in original equipment manufacturer quality supplied by internationally renowned producers.

Production of complex spare parts

For us no required spare parts are too complex. We are dedicated to delivering a solution in form of an adequate spare part for any requirement. After all, your turbo machines are ready to run reliably and sustainably.


Repair of original parts

Our specialists professionally handle the maintenance of your turboexpanders and compressors and prefer carrying out a repair to a new acquisition if it is feasible and reasonable.


Get in touch with us

You have special process requirements and want to clarify in a conversation if we can support you? Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to get more information about the production of our turboexpanders, turbocompressors or packages.

Turbo machines are our passion.